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Pets are not our whole life, but make our lives whole.

We at Central Jersey Veterinary Clinic understand that hole in your life that can only be filled with a fury new family member.  For that is what our pets are, a family member.  This is why we have such love for them.  Like any family member you want them to be happy and healthy.  This is where we at Central Jersey Veterinary Clinic come in.  Because we recognize the importance of your pet, and share the same feelings our pets will be assured of the best care possible.  Your  pet will always be seen by the same doctor.  This insures that the doctor knows your puppy or kitten his or her entire life as well as the pet knowing the doctor.  Also, as caretakers you will know the doctor.


We have been here for thirty years with the mission of providing individual care to each pet by working closely with each care giver.  As a result each treatment can be tailored to the particular pet, not forcing the pet into a standardized protocol. 


We look forward to help keeping your family whole.

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