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  • DENTAL:  Imagine how you would feel if you never brushed your teeth or used mouthwash. Unfortunately, this is the case for many of our four legged friends.  80% of dogs and cats have some form of dental disease by the age of five.  Signs of dental disease include odor pain, drooling, rubbing at the face, and even depression.  We can relieve this with proper dental care.  This includes scaling the teeth to remove tartar and plaque and polishing  to keep their teeth smooth.  If extractions are needed these can also be performed in a pain free setting.  We also have digital dental x-ray capabilities to help us examine what is occurring below the gum line.

  • DERMATOLOGY:  Skin problems are among the most common reasons for bringing in your pets.  Among the signs you may notice in your pets are scratching, odors, fur lose, dandruff, or masses.  Using a combination of scraping, cytology (looking at cells) cultures, and biopsies we can relieve the suffering that your pet may be experiencing.

  • ENDOCRINE:  These are hormonal diseases.  Usually the signs are more subtle and may include Increased thirst, appetite, urination, fur lose, panting, and lethargy.  Among the common Hormonal diseases we see are diabetes, increased thyroid levels (cats), decreased thyroid levels (dogs), Addison’s, and Cushing’s disease. 

  • RADIOLOGY:  We have digital X-ray equipment that allows us to have instant results, this Enables us to have less exposure to radiation for your pet, and less retakes which results in less of a cost to the client.  X-rays allow us to see inside your pet, and helps in diagnosing such things as heart disease, bronchitis, intestinal foreign bodies, internal masses, bladder stones and bone fractures.  Because the patient must be absolutely still occasionally the pet may need a light sedation.

  • ULTRASOUNDS:  This procedure is similar to an X-ray, but uses soundwaves to give us a picture of what is happening inside.  It is a painless procedure and we are contracted with a Board Certified Veterinarian who performs this at our Clinic. 

  • MICROCHIPPING:  This procedure involves an insertion of a small chip about the size of a grain of rice.  This can be done during an office call, and is generally painless.  A microchip allows identification of a lost pet, and helps to reunite your pet with their caregivers.  The chip we use Home Again, is recognized internationally.

  • TONOMETRY:  This is a test for Glaucoma which if left untreated can be very painful, and lead to blindness.  If you see a dilated pupil, the eye looking cloudy, red, bloodshot, squinting, or if  eye seems swollen you should call immediately.  You should not wait with an eye problem.


Complete physical exams are the cornerstone of maintaining good health.  Vaccinations are critical to preventing infectious diseases.  The vaccines which are recommended for every dog are distemper and rabies.  Any other vaccinations will be discussed to determine if your pet is truly at risk.  Cats we recommend feline distemper and rabies vaccines, and for outdoor cats feline leukemia.  Pets age faster than humans so therefore senior pets should be seen twice a year.  It is also recommended that they should have blood screens to detect any problems before they become a major problem.  Every dog should have a yearly heartworm test and be maintained on heartworm preventive yearly.  Outdoor pets should be maintained on a flea preventative. There are many of these available and what will be best for your pet we can discuss together.  Every pet should have yearly fecal exams for internal parasites.      


Prior to surgery you pet will receive a thorough physical exam to help insure a successful outcome.  On the day of the surgery pre-anesthetic blood work will be run to minimize any potential problems.  Your pet will be given a sedative to help relieve any anxiety and then a plastic tube will be placed in their throat to deliver gas anesthesia.   During anesthesia your pet will be monitored as humans are checking such things as body temperature, heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.  Your pet will be monitored closely during recovery, and when awakens you will receive a phone call informing you of how the procedure went, and when we can estimate a discharge.  Among the many surgical procedures that we do are:


  • SPAYS (removing the ovaries and uterus):  Spaying your pet insures there are no messy “heat cycles” no unwanted pregnancies, no uterine infections, and drastically diminished chance f Mamory tumors.  Spaying does not change the personality of your pet.  Spaying as it is a major abdominal procedure does require an overnight stay with us.

  • NEUTER (removing the testicles):  The advantages of neutering your pet is that it will help the urge to roam, decrease fighting, usually stop territorial marking and spraying in cats. Neutering also eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer, and decreases the likelihood of prostate problems.  Neutering does not change the personality of your pet.  Generally this is a same day procedure.

  • SOFT TISSUE:  Among the many types of soft tissue surgical procedures we perform are Mass removals, Mamory tumors, Skin growths, and Internal Masses.  We also remove bladders tones, intestinal foreign bodies , and gall stones.  We will generally recommend a biopsy of the mass to help determine further treatment. 

  • ORTHOPEDIC:  Among the orthopedic procedures we perform are Leg pinning’s for fractures, Cruciate repairs, and Amputations. 

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT: There have been great advances in controlling the pain associated with surgical procedures.  We will work out a tailor made protocol for each individual case.


This can be very scary for both the pet and the caregiver.  Going away can be stressful enough without having to worry about who will care for your beloved family member.  This is especially true if there is a medical condition which requires regular daily medication.  Park Pet Palace has it’s own facility on the same grounds as Central Jersey Veterinary Clinic and has access to the Veterinarian at all times, so that the caregiver can enjoy their trip without having to worry about their loved one.  Upon arrival      your pets health needs will be reviewed in detail, as well as any specific dietary needs there may be.  The following vaccinations are required, for dogs Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella, for Cats they require Feline Distemper and Rabies.  Remember that all of these are for the safety of your pet.  We also offer Doggy Day Care which allows you to pick up your pet at the end of the day.  This provides a safe loving environment for your pet while you lead your busy life. 


This is more than just pampering your pet or decreasing shedding.  Grooming also keeps the pet healthy by decreasing parasites, and bacteria on the skin that may be picked up while outdoors.  Nail trimming prevents nail overgrowth into the pad, and helps keep their feet aligned properly, and of course it makes them so cute. 

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